Have you ever wondered what the process of booking a wedding photographer or videographer looked like? In this two part blog post I will shed some light on MY process from start to finish. In part one I will mostly focus on what it looks like from a bride's perspective. In part two I will give a little more insight for my fellow wedding photographers and videographers into my whole behind the scenes process.

Let's dive right in! So you just found Verba M Photography + Film on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or heard about me from a friend. Depending on your method of reaching out to me and exactly what questions you're asking; "are you available", "what are your prices?", etc I will usually respond in just about the same method. If you email me; I email, etc. Once we make that very first contact via email, message, or text I want to as quickly as possible schedule you for an over the phone consultation. Pro Tip: I have found that a phone call is way more insightful, personable, and more thorough than having a back and forth via email or messages.

Since our over the phone consultation went amazingly as they always do; now we are ready to book. With your desired packages chosen I will now send you three separate things via email. A contract, an invoice, and a questionnaire. (Questionnaires are new for me and sometimes I don't send these if I already know my normal questions.) My virtual invoices as with most people's will display the package(s) and add ons that you have chosen along with the breakdown of each service's cost. I require a 50% retainer fee to be paid at the time of booking and then the other 50% should be paid one month before the wedding. With all of my invoices both of these payments can be paid directly from the invoice link with any debit card, credit card, or by ACH transfer.

Once you have looked over the invoice, then you should take a look at the contract and sign it digitally. Upon completion of the contract you pay the invoice and then head over to the questionnaire. I have started using very brief questionnaires to get to know my clients just a little better. Questions like "how did you guys meet?", "what is the most important part of your wedding?", "what photos do I for sure have to get?" tend to always show up. Oh! And my favorite "what is your enneagram type?" I have found that having that little glimpse into a couples personality can be a big help on wedding day.

After the contracts are signed, invoices are paid, and questionnaires are answered I tend to open up the line of communication for my couples to get back to me about their schedule. I am very type A and love making schedules, and organizing plans, and using every calendar tool on the market. However, after my first year doing weddings full time I found that it was easier to let couples break down their scheduled events and then team up with them later on to make it and add in the photography schedule. This is a very fluid part of business for me and it changes according to the couple, but this is just my preferred method. I have tons of couples that are not sure how to make their wedding schedule or where to put this event or that. And that is absolutely okay! Not everyone spends 40 + weekends a year at weddings like I do.

And just like that YOU'RE BOOKED!