I have always been passionate about a few things; People, seeing the world, and storytelling. Being able to combine the three of those things into one career has been the longest standing goal of my life. I founded Verba M Photography in 2017 and had some friends from Texas offer me my first chance at a wedding in 2018. I was excited to finally be making money from something I loved. However, I realized in 2020 that I had set my own ceiling far too low. In May of 2020 I was able to go full time with photography and videography and added the "+ Film" to the name. 2020 was my break out year for sure. Then 2021 came around and that's what I affectionately call my "blow up year" because I did 65 weddings from March to December. Now I know there is no ceiling for where this passion of mine can lead me.


My Philosophy

A Picture is worth a thousand words

That saying is the epiphany of Verba M Photography + Film. It is literally the name of my company. Verba M translates to "1,000 Words" in Latin. And that is more than just a cool name that I picked out by randomly googling Latin and Greek words in college. That saying is what I want every photo I take and every video I shoot to give to my clients. I want my clients to have 1,000 words to say about their galleries and Films. I want my films and photos to stir emotions, relay a message, and tell a story.

Upcoming Weddings/ travel

In Tennessee

1/6 Nashville

1/13 Nashville

3/16 MY WEDDING!!!!!

4/20 Knoxville

4/26 Athens

5/4 Carthage

5/10 Franklin

5/11 Franklin

6/1 Hendersonville

6/1 Chattanooga

6/2 Chattanooga

6/8 Chattanooga

10/13 Chattanooga

11/2 Dickson

11/9 Chattanooga

11/30 Chattanooga

1/25/ 2025 Chattanooga

10/25/2025 Chattanooga

Out of State/ Country

2/28-3/1 Charleston, SC

4/6 Indiana

4/21 Georgia

5/17 Gilbert, SC

9/7 Charleston, SC